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Their love and devotion for the Beatles’ music was the first common spark to ignite the fire. Then it went on within a blink of an eye. The Bootels gathered up and commenced playing songs of the Famous Four. Playing, and – what is important – not only retaining the songs’ original spirit but enhancing them with their personal touch that made the several dozens years old songs sound contemporary. The Bootels re-arranged the tunes masterly. The characteristic vocal harmonies stayed unchanged. Additionally a great deal of positive guitar buzz and `metal power’ has been introduced. The group uses not only the professional instruments and amplifiers manufactured in the 60’s or 70’s but also take advantage of the latest technical achievements. The unique combination of feeling, tradition and modernity gave the incredible effects. From the very first notes of these songs you can hear the style of The Beatles… and The Bootels.

The boys from Lodz decided to follow the legend of the boys from Liverpool and no wonder, because as they say what John, Paul, George and Ringo had created became eternal.
But still we ought to have in mind The Bootels are creating their own legend these days too. The legend of the musicians who have been deeply involved into developing the Polish rock scene. The musicians who now got together in Lodz to form the super group. Their biographies are rich enough to be shared among lots of the others.

2008 was very important to The Bootels. They released their debut album and they showed themselves abroad. In February they played in The Cavern – the famous Liverpool club where The Beatles started their career. The Bootels and `their’ music have been noticed and appreciated and they were invited to play at the famous `Beatleweek’, the festival that gathers fans of the Famous Four’s music from all over the world. The Bootels came back to England in 2009 and altogether played about 20 shows in Liverpool. Since then they also played many shows in Europe and hundreds in Poland. The bands second, forthcoming album was mastered in legendary Abbey Road Studios on gear that was used by The Beatles and it is going to be released in Autumn this year.

This would be enough in the virtue of the introduction. Now it is time to let the music speak.

I Wanna Be Your Man

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Strawberry Fields Forever


I’ll Follow The Sun

She Loves You


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