Grzegorz Turnau – Bedford school

przejdź do sklepu
1. Bedford School (Grzegorz Turnau)

2. The Fool On The Hill (The Beatles)

3. Souvenir (Billy Joel)

4. Vienna (Billy Joel)

5. Miami 2017 [Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway] …

6. Waterfalls (Paul McCartney)

7. Seven Days (Sting)

8. Maxine (Donald Fagen)

9. All Dead, All Dead (Queen)

10. My Valentine (Paul McCartney)

11. Until (Sting)

12. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Elton John)

13. She’s Always a Woman (Billy Joel)

14. Here There and Everywhere (The Beatles)

15. For No One (The Beatles)

16. Blackbird (The Beatles)

17. Imgaine (John Lennon)

18. Where’s The Orchestra (Billy Joel)